Game Day

Most mornings when I wake up Tucker's face is about 2 inches from mine and he is saying, "Mom, mom... will tuck my shirt in all the way in?" He is usually fully dressed in his t-ball uniform and wanting me to help him get the shirt and belt just so. He is very "just so" about the way he wears his uniform.

In his mind, the game is about to start and he is headed downstairs to our living room to take a few practice swings before his first at bat. I usually head downstairs (much too slowly for Tucker's taste) and try to find my way to some coffee. By the time I have stirred in the creamer, the game is in the third inning. He is 2 for 2, the bases are loaded, Sammy Sosa just hit nice single into right field and Tucker is about to hit his first grand slam for the day. What a day at ballpark. I begin to pull out a few things for breakfast as he slides into home plate (a basket of magazines) and the crowd goes wild (many magazines fall out of the basket and make lots of noise). The clock above the stove tells me it is 7:12am and I am debating on waking up Elizabeth.

I love Tucker's intensity. He lives life as if each day is game day. Each task gets the same amount of intensity and determination. (Unfortunately these characteristics still apply when he decides to have a fit.) For Tucker all things are purposeful and meaningful. I want to be more like him. I want to see daily tasks as part of a chance to be great.By the time Elizabeth gets downstairs Tucker has already set her pink ball, glove, and bat out for her. He greets her with a quick hug and then asks, "Elizabeth - so you remember how I showed you to play defense?"

Today when Tucker woke up I was already downstairs, my second cup of coffee in one hand and James' glove in the other. I was ready to win the World Series and then head out for the best
Target run of my life!

Thanks Tucker!


Ashley Beth said...

I'm so glad you're blogging. Mine is pretty sporatic, and I rarely have anything interesting to say! I can't wait to keep up with you through Facebook and blogging!

I miss you a million. We'll chat this week about the party at your mom's house. :)

Ashley Beth said...

hey! I'm so glad to find your blog. I can't wait to catch up this way...there is only so much catching up on facebook.

Ashley Beth said...

i think i commented last week about how great it is to find you and how happy i was to catch up, blah blah blah blah :), but i couldn't find it on here and i NEEDED to let you know that, even though I'm going to call you in the next day or so.

i hope 5 comments from me don't pop up on this one post one day. if so, just delete them :)

Oh - I put your link in my sidebar - I hope that's okay?

Mary said...

I have known this boy in another part of my life. Just hope it never starts raining on a game day.! it can be a long,long day! I love him and his passion. You are going to have some great times.I hope I can watch some of it! Love you.

Gardens of Lace said...

Now that just makes me want to get a pink glove myself. I love "game day". My son just gets me going to bugs he might have found and I am lucky if I can keep the coffee from spilling for the sight of them. But you see the enthusiasm on these kids face and their eyes light up and you can't help but join in!
Love ya, Kimberly

headless chicken said...

you tease. I bookmark your blog, and then you put it on the back burner...just kidding, I'm the worst about that.

How's T-bird liking MDO? And what do they make of him?!