Personal Victory

Yesterday I experienced a very personal victory.

Two things I really love doing are cooking & baking and serving others. One would think that the best of both worlds would be combining the two. Not so much. For several years now I have been signing up and volunteering to take edible stuff to people whom need it and I have failed. Somehow the simplest of tasks have become large train wrecks. Sometimes I can even see the train coming and just can't get off the tracks. I have spent much mental energy trying to turn over a new leaf and keep simple tasks simple.

Yesterday I did it! I delivered three yummy pies and sugar cookies to a group of ladies in need. I successfully arrived at her house on time with the promised goods. I did not get pneumonia and bronchitis, no one projectile vomited orange stuff, no child pooped or peed their pants, nothing was burned so badly that is stunk up an entire church and the people receiving it threw it in the trash when they thought I was not looking, I did not loose my car keys or my cell phone, I did not get lost or forget my directions, I was not late because of traffic, and I even included sugar cookies for a party favor. They were beautiful.

The experience was so completely satisfying that I might be able to try it again. The best part is that I actually had fun making the pies. Thanks to my sisters for the moral support.

And yes, all of those things have actually happened to me while delivering or serving food to others!


Gardens of Lace said...

Thank you for always making me laugh. And thank you for calling me every five minutes about the simplest things. I never tire of it. And thank you for being you. At least you have never flushed your cell phone. But then at least you know where you get it! :) --Kimberly

headless chicken said...

Oh girl! I soooo remember the days!! Those four and under, walking through mud with ankle weights on errands!

I'm so excited you noted this blog on myspacebook! You are ver, ver funny!

I think the best thing that occurred to me when I had tiny ones is to not be in a hurry. I was always rushing around, and for what? Just to be back at the house sooner to have to entertain them there? It really reduced my stress to think, "What the heck else do I have to do!?" when I was on errands. ;)