During my life I have lost many things..... grandparents, friends, babies, a father and a little of my ability to avoid being caught up in the fear of loosing more.

I guess living with the reality that we are not in control can be a frightening and just when I think that my heart is safe from castrophe I am reminded that nothing is certain outside of God's love and salvation.

Lately, I have been remembering a close college friend who passed away in a car accident years ago. What I do have and hope to have forever are some amazing memories that bring me much comfort....

I remember Erin and Joy getting me ready for my first college date freshman year.

I remember Erin and Joy finding me at the library to take pictures before Sigma Alpha pinning.

I remember watching her sit up late at night to finish her quiet time before she went to bed.

I remember her giving me a "date" for my birthday.

I remember feeling like someone knew me for exactly who I was and loving me for it.

One of God's greatest gifts is true friendship. Recently I had the opportunity to spend time with Joy (my college roommate) and Erin's two sisters. Thanks for a great weekend and for the real friendship that transcends time and circumstance. Love you all.