During my life I have lost many things..... grandparents, friends, babies, a father and a little of my ability to avoid being caught up in the fear of loosing more.

I guess living with the reality that we are not in control can be a frightening and just when I think that my heart is safe from castrophe I am reminded that nothing is certain outside of God's love and salvation.

Lately, I have been remembering a close college friend who passed away in a car accident years ago. What I do have and hope to have forever are some amazing memories that bring me much comfort....

I remember Erin and Joy getting me ready for my first college date freshman year.

I remember Erin and Joy finding me at the library to take pictures before Sigma Alpha pinning.

I remember watching her sit up late at night to finish her quiet time before she went to bed.

I remember her giving me a "date" for my birthday.

I remember feeling like someone knew me for exactly who I was and loving me for it.

One of God's greatest gifts is true friendship. Recently I had the opportunity to spend time with Joy (my college roommate) and Erin's two sisters. Thanks for a great weekend and for the real friendship that transcends time and circumstance. Love you all.


Where the Redfearns Grow said...

oh sara, now i am a mess. i cannot explain how thankful i am that the Lord gave me you and joy, not to replace erin, but to act as sisters in her absence. i love you and am so grateful for you.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post.... I have thought about Erin a number of times lately also - what sweet memories..... So thankful for the blessings of friendship God has given all of us in our lives.... Thanks for that reminder! Would love to see you and catch up - Love, Boler

Emily said...

i should not have read this at school! my thoughts echo lori's. we are so blessed by you and joy, and time with you means the world. i'm thankful to hear and share memories with you. love you.


Sara Isbell said...

love you both....it is I that is so fortunate to have such true friends.