New Year

There is something about a new year that brings out the desire to "take down and put up" as Thomas Jefferson would put it. When I take down all of the Christmas decorations, things always look a little sad to me. I am on a mission to brighten up a spot or two around my house. (The farmer is always a little worried about what this mission will entail, but he is very endulging.)

For my next project, I am determined to refinish a cedar chest that used to be in my Memaw's house. It is beautiful and belonged to her mother many years ago. I can't wait to make it my newest treasure. It looks good in my study and provides much needed storage space. I also like that I think of my Memaw every time I look at it.

James moved all of the furniture around in our bedroom and now I am determined to paint my room. I am very indecisive when it comes to picking out paint colors, so I must head to the paint store and decide before the Farmer is ready to paint. Taking something that is little and imagining it big is not my one of my strengths.


Mary said...

Oh, how I love to hear of a "Project"! It can put all sorts of things into motion. Very best wishes...I will wait for an invitation to "open house".

kimberly said...

Why don't you refinish that chest to match my house. I think that is where it belongs anyways! :)
Oh, and I moved furniture again today. I know what you mean about "tearing down and putting up."