my "little" boy

My little boy, Tucker James Isbell is growing up. In the Fall he will start Kindergarten and I feel this urgency to suck up every second of time with him this summer before he goes away! Not only is he growing physically (and eating a ton) his little mind is going places I am not sure that I am ready for.

Big Boy Indicator # 1

Tucker has decided that he should be taking showers ALONE from now on. He relieved James and I of our nightly bath duty and explained that he didn't really need any help. This has not been easy on me. I keep wanting to be in there checking on him. He loves soap and water and it is all over the bathroom....but he is very clean when he is done.

Elizabeth asked if she could take a big boy shower too. I quickly bathed her in a bubble bath, wrapped her up in a hooded towel, put baby lotion all over her, put on the pull-up and rocked her while I sang. How much can a mom take in one night????

Big Boy Indicator # 2

Tucker is ready for a big boy room. He politely told me that while the decorations on his wall were cute and he did not want to complain.....that they were ...welll...kind of babyish. WHAT! I looked at the pictures of cars and trucks he had had in his room since he moved from the crib. He was right. Baseball big boy room is in progress.

Big Boy Indicator # 3

Tucker asked me who he was going to marry. That's right I said MARRY??? What???? I calmly told him he did not have to worry about that. I would pick out a girl for him when he got older.

To which he replied, "Oh thank you momma, thank you!"

Then we hugged.


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Adrienne told me that this reminded her of me. Oh. my. gosh!!!! You'll need reinforcements on the first day....night before the first day of Kindergarten. I was fine, I thought, and then the night before KG for Temple I was FLAT ON MY FACE ON THE FLOOR!!! Spencer was worried. I was sure the government would be knocking at our door to take him away to never be seen again. Oh. my. gosh. I cried EVERY morning for atleast 18 weeks when I would leave his classroom and it doesn't get any better. Temple and I both cried the last day of first grade because it had been so wonderful. He comes by it honestly. By the way, you need to write more! Love, Nancy

Mary said...

I wish I could comfort you, and say that this gets better with time....sadly I can not. Men start telling their Mothers good bye at a very early age, because it has to be so gradual...lest you might harm yourself. Before you know it.. they begin to give you advice... later insist that have known the "best" way for you all along. They do it so lovingly... you think they know everything after all! Thank God for little boys!

Sara Isbell said...

Nancy - we are indeed kindred spirits! Tucker and Elizabeth will be at the same school next year. I have even taken a job there. I will be teaching preschool PE seven hours a week (and peeking in on what Tucker is doing:)) The break in tuition helps, but mostly what in world am I supposed to do all day while they are there missing me!!!!

Mom - I think I should tell Tucker about that tunnel Elliot was going to build from your house to his:)

Kimberly said...

Love it! How does it all go by so fast. We have deodorant and face soap flying around here. Ethan passed my opinion up a couple of years back and went ahead and picked out a little woman to marry. He is willing to wait 15 years though. whew...
Love these kids!