Unexpected Generosity

Just when you least expect it, you find generosity from another human being.

One of the things I think is most difficult in the world of daily parenting activities is loading up to leave the house. Tucker is nearly trained and self sufficient. Elizabeth on the other hand is not. Just to run up to Michael's to grab a pie holder can become an ordeal of great proportion. The process of everyone dressed, gone to the potty (Elizabeth is potty training - so she tries to tee tee in the potty about 5 times before we leave the house), teeth brushed, shoes on, my purse, an extra outfit for Elizabeth, wipes and the coupon I am trying to take advantage of takes at least 20 minutes if there are not accidents or fusses between the kids. This morning went pretty smoothly and we were loaded in only 27 minutes. When I pull up to Michael's it is pouring rain. I pause to gather up coupon, purse, two snacks, Elizabeth's extra clothes and wipes when I notice my purse is a bit lite.

I remember now - had to get my wallet out to give something to the Farmer(my husband James) last night. My wallet is missing - no way to pay.

I sigh - I head home to get wallet. Elizabeth decides she needs to tinkle tinkle. We all unload and barley avoid an accident. I settle an argument between my children over who can jump the furthest and we are loading again to head to Michael's.

I pull up to Michael's and began to gather up my stuff. Your kidding me???? No wallet. I guess in the chaos of the potty incident I left the wallet at home again. I do find my checkbook at the bottom of my purse. I head into Michael's thinking that if they do not take my check then after I shop I could have them hold things at the front until I get back. We shop - the children do pretty well. The lady actually takes my check and we are headed home.

The kids are starving. I have already forgotten the wallet thing and am totally preoccupied with thoughts of things on my "to do" list. I tell the kids we can get tacos from Taco Bueno for lunch knowing that I have three free taco coupons. I order and my bill minus the coupons is 2.47$ When I pull up to pay I remember - oh yeah - I don't have my wallet. I feel so stupid. I just look at the lady - ready to give her back the cold diet coke I was already sipping. I apologize and explain that I don't have my wallet with me and I will be right back - I just live around the corner. And then comes the shocker - she said, "Here you go. Just take it any way and pay us another time.''

SO THANK YOU Taco Bueno girl for your well timed generosity. You have no idea how much it meant to me!


Rachel said...

Yea for Bueno! That happened to me one time there too because--guess what--they don't take Amex! At least not that day. Good folks!

Gardens of Lace said...

See, now that kinda stuff never happens to me. They jip me at Chic-fil-a, I go crazy and it all ends bad. Maybe I will test my local bueno out by leaving my wallet at home.

ross said...

I love your blog... one of my favorites. You are such a fun writer and I felt I was there... I also felt like I am not going to EVER complain that my life seems crazy again!
.ross blog

molly said...

I love this story. But what I really love is the quotes of the week on the side! I am dying laughing. Cute background too!

Sara Isbell said...

thanks molly - he really did say that!

Joy Bezner said...

I can't wait to read more!