Mrs. Witcher

Well , school is in full swing and Tucker is adjusting perfectly to his new class. I was nervous about everything and spent way too much time, money, energy..... getting everything together. That is what I do with my nervous energy:) But after finding the perfect nap mat, backpack, lunch box and first day of school outfit we were ready to go. I have spent weeks praying that Tucker would get a teacher who had a desire to know him and understand him. Mrs. Witcher was the answer I had hoped for! (There is another teacher in the room and we love her too!) After just two weeks of school, Tucker was talking about her constantly to me. Every school morning he wakes up and can't wait to go see her.

When I picked him up on Thursday and we were all standing at the door he says, "Mrs. Witcher, will you come over to my house after school today so you can see me in my batman costume? You can wear your costume if you want to and we can play in my Spiderman tent!" Mrs. Witcher says, "Tucker every time I think of batman I always think he looks just like you. Thanks for inviting me to your house." Then she gave me a wink.

Tonight at bed time he even added Mrs. Witcher to his usual prayer...

"Dear God, Thank you for mommy, daddy, Tucker, Elizabeth and Mrs. Witcher. Help us all to be safe and happy. Amen."

Glory to God in the highest and peace in mother's heart!!!


the wonder years said...

Yea for great teachers!!!

Kimberly said...

I love it! I kinda could use Mrs. Witcher right about now! Love that boy and am so glad he is enjoying school!