Project Weekend

Last weekend James' parents came in and helped with some projects around the house. They did a great job repairing the ceiling (Elizabeth flushed half of a package of wipes down the upstairs potty after changing her baby's diaper thus creating a large hole in the kitchen ceiling). They also finished the plumbing repairs in the master bathroom. It was a great weekend and I really appreciate all of the hard work.

Also, James and I actually got to go on a date. This is a rare opportunity for us. We ate a great little Mexican food restaurant and went to watch his school's football game. I actually rode on his bike through Dallas. This was the scariest ride of my life. I never took physics in school and I wished I had. It is amazing how one can stay on those bikes in the wind at 60 mph. One day I might be able to ride that thing with my eyes open. Then I will able to write a bit more on the experience. For now I will say ... I lived through it.

And no there are no pictures of me on the bike.


the wonder years said...

YAY for dates!!!

Arthur James Isbell said...

Sara is a biker chick. I'm going to buy her a pink helmet and pink chaps for Christmas. :)