I recently took the above picture in my front yard and I love looking at it. I cannot remember a year when I was as ready for spring as I am this year. Partly b/c it is my favorite time of year and partly because winter was not kind to the Isbell family. Although the snow was fun, I now understand why my mother always sounded a little stressed when she would tell us that a cold front was coming in. Between the high electric bills and the doctors bills, I see winter in a whole new light. Don't get me wrong ....I LOVED THE SNOW!!!! However, this year the winter also came with 1 hospital stay, 2 battles against pneumonia, 7 cases of the stomach bug, 5 child chest x-rays, 14 finger pricks for blood (on a child's finger), 4 shots in the bottom (poor Elizabeth), 1 IV, 4 visits to the care now, 1 75$ prescription that had to be picked up at a special compounding pharmacy and more laundry than one women ever keep up with. I am tired just typing it. No wonder I haven't updated my blog in so long.

As my mother says, "this too shall pass" and it has. Today I took the above picture because it makes me so happy. I am constantly amazed how the smallest things can bring such joy. Today my children played outside for hours. Today my husband cooked an amazing meal on the grill.

Thank you God for knowing that we needed the seasons to change. Thank you for creating such beauty. Thank you for healing and doctors and medicine.


kimberly Law said...

Great post and picture. I am ready for spring too. Good riddance winter! I also LOVE Elizabeth's comment to the right on where the medicine was going. Hilarious. Glad yall are better and a new day has come. Love ya!

mary strader sullivan said...

I shall salute this spring with you...and not only say goodbye to a long winter...but a long year before as well!! May our summer evenings be long and lazy and our memories fade as we pass from season to season!! Love you!

headless chicken said...

Sara! Gorgeous picture of gorgeous children in front of gorgeous flowers (in you front yard??!! no way!) I mean, it looks like the cover of a magazine!

Sara Isbell said...

Hey Adri -

Thanks.... I accidently deleted the picture I just added back in ....I guess I deleted it when I changed the header. The picture of the kids is one I took at the Dallas Arboretum over spring break. I wish those tulips were in my yard:) Thanks for reading!