Snow Day

I love it when life slows down for a minute and allows for some unexpected fun. I love the spontaneous memories you make with your kids on days like these. I knew the minute I looked out my window that morning it was going to be a great day!


mary strader sullivan said...

Great photos!!

arthur Isbell said...

No one will read this post, nor should they. As these picture were taken - as my children played in the snow and my wife photographed and blogged about them - I was shoveling snow from a school driveway in Oak Cliff, carrying a wheel-chair bound 6th grader three blocks through the snow and guns and gangstas to her mother's car, and listening to teachers (under umbrellas) asking when they could go home. By the time I got home on this night, T & E were asleep, and all that waited up for me were bills I still can't pay. Sara's right...thank God for a change of seasons.